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In other cities, diversity means having residents of different races, ages, and socioeconomic status. In Silver Moon, the meaning of that word is taken to a whole new level. In some far reaches of the world, people still deny the existence of werewolves and vampires and other abnormal beings. In this town, however, it is perfectly normal to have a neighbor who shifts into an ostrich when stressed, a school teacher who breathes fire, and a friend with gills.

With so many mythical beings residing within its borders, Silver Moon has become a type of Safe Haven for people with unique abilities or traits. Most of the residents here have a respect and acceptance for diversity and things they can’t explain. That mindset, however, is not true of everyone. There are still those who discriminate against everyone who isn’t a pure, powerless human being. Creatures are hunted by specialized assassins called Slayers. Despite the warm acceptance from a large majority of residents, many people with abilities still have to go into hiding in public for fear of being tracked down. The rules of survival for them becomes to trust no one upon first meeting, and stay off the public radar. It’s impossible to know who is on the side of the Slayers and who believes that all life is created equal, no matter how bizarre.

                                   Care to Live Here?


Alright so if you would like to create a role-play character for this site you need to post their description following the code in the guestbook, but there are a few things that you should know before you join!

  • This site is part of a set of websites
  • There are parts of the sites that overlap so make sure you explore
  • Only Advertise in the designated locations
  • Let us know if you will be away
  • You must ask me before creating a character with multiple abilities or species
  • You can have as many characters as you will actively use
  • Please look over the rules before joining


General Site Rules

  • No power playing or godmodding. Other characters belong to other people and you cannot use them. That is called power playing. You may not say how someone's character acts or responds to something, that is for the per of that character to decide. You may also not make your characters invincible. While powers are allowed, they should be limited, and weaknesses should also be included. No one is flawless, even superman has his kryptonite. 
  • No killing other characters without permission. Some characters will have their names in pink on the page with their character description. This means that the person who role-plays them will allow them to be killed off, but you must still ask that person for permission .Those with names in red are for anyone to role-play and kill off as they please. Lastly, those who have no special color are not listed to be killed, but the role-player may still chose to kill them off. If they make that decision, they will let you know it is okay to kill their characters. Also, once a character is killed they may not come back to life unless by an extreme circumstance in which you have received my permission to bring them back. All deceased characters are welcome to join Spirit Pack. 
  • Please remember to write decent descriptions for major characters. If the descriptions are only a few sentences long, I will not even bother adding them. You may make characters without writing descriptions, however, they will be considered minor, temporary characters until descriptions are added. Meaning they will be treated like kill-able characters.
  • Do not reveal personal information. It is always a bad idea to share personal info, such as your full name or your address, with anyone on the internet. Please refrain from doing so. You can share your age, your gender, your first name only if you wish to do so, and your country, state, or province for time zone purposes. However, you are not obligated to share even this information if you are uncomfortable doing so. 
  • Lastly, the golden rule: Respect other members. If they are new to the site, or to role-playing in general, give them some tips and offer to help them out .Don't just insult them or ignore them. If someone is being rude, notify me or another moderator. You can send get a hold of me at any time by logging in on any of the sites, clicking my profile, and sending me a private message. I'll respond as soon as I can and handle the situation.



  • You may have characters with parents of two different abilities, like a vampire and a werewolf, but those characters should receive the main abilities of only one of the parents. So in that case, they would either drink blood or have the ability to turn to a wolf. Characters do not have to have the same ability as the rest of their families. For example, an elemental could be born to a mortal couple. Lastly, not all abilities have to be genetic. A character could receive their powers from a science experiment or a curse.
  • Please keep roleplaying from being too vulgar in a highly trafficked area. It is best to beware of the ages of other members and refrain from doing anything that could be considered inappropriate around younger members. Foul language and adult content is not prohibited, just know what the other members in your rp are comfortable with, and try and restrict the locations of certain rps. 
  • You may not rp in another person's house unless invited, but all places on the city are public for everyone. However, if it seems like a rp in a location was not finished and the dates are recent, try and refrain from using that box too much so the Rp will not be flooded. 

 Message me if you have any questions or if I forgot anything!


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                                       Branches Of SMC

Want even more of the never ending chaos? Other RPS have started some branch of sites as extensions to the city, please check them out! While these sites can act as an extension to the city just like all the secret places, they also stand just fine on their own.


The City of Niagra

A site made by Deathrix, Niagra serves as a darker and more treacherous town neighboring Silver Moon. It is teaming with illegal dealings and unfathomable crimes.  It is most certainly not for the weak of heart, and features obsticals and perils which few will survive. Beware if you venture down this unforgiving road. 


Silver Moon City Gangs

A site made by Grey, the gangs of Silvermoon come to life. They battle and claim turf, fight rival gangs, and form new alliances. The hidden back alley life of the city is shown here in ways like never before. Loyalties are tested, alliances are made, and turf wars break out. Welcome to gang life. 







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Please please please contact me if you guys come online. I don't check back here very often but I miss you guys. Also, I may not have much time to RP but I want to start writing a series of Young Adult Novels based of SMC RPs and I'd love your help/ input. Thanks guys!

I miss you all! Lots of love!!!!